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Changing Lives


We are so appreciative when our clients let us know how we have improved the quality of their lives. We invite you to take a moment to read these "testimonials" from our valued yoga clients. And please, share them with a friend or family member who you think could benefit from better health with the assistance of Foundation Therapy.


Success Stories from Clients Receiving Other Types of Therapy









"At the same moment Coronavirus hit the country, my husband was being released from inpatient therapy after a massive stroke.  After 45 calls to outpatient therapy centers, all around the Atlanta area, I could find nothing open. Or, if they were open, they didn't take our insurance. I was panicked!  Then... I found Foundation Therapy.  The owner, Beverly, was so kind and soothing to me on the phone. Foundation was opened!  Beverly worked with me to ensure we had a Speech, OT, and PT therapist all in one place.  We felt like part of the family from the first day, as they warmly welcomed us into the center. Now, after 1 year and a half, my husband has achieved many of the goals we set for him.  All of the therapists were wonderful! They were dedicated to his recovery, and were able to adjust his therapy to fit his immediate and changing needs.  This is the place for people who want excellent therapists in a warm caring environment. Where YOU and YOUR needs are priority, and the therapy is tailored to support you on your journey back to health."

 - G.L. 


"This is a testimonial for the amazing work done by Bev Stegman as a yoga teacher. I attend her weekly back care class to prevent pain and avoid further complications of scoliosis and kyphosis of my spine. In the almost 2 years that Bev has been teaching me therapeutic yoga, my posture has improved significantly and the pain has reduced as well. Recently , I went to see Bev because I got up in the morning with a pain level of 8.5 on a scale of 1 - 10 in my upper back (0 is no pain and 10 is "go to the ER excruciating pain"!). I had a 35-minute private session with her and left with a pain level of 2 at the end of class. Thank you Bev for all you do!"

- Gayatri 





"I came to Beverly in severe back pain. I had injured my back and was doing physical therapy and taking medication, but after 3 months I was not improving. I realized having scoliosis and a harrington rod fusion that was over 30 years old, my recovery was being affected. My PT recommended yoga with Beverly since there was not much more she could do with my physical limitations. I had never tried yoga and what little I knew of it I thought I would also be limited in what I could do, but being in pain and needing to do something I tried it. Beverly did a personal session with me to understand the pain areas and see my physical limitations. She gave me a few exercises to focus on the pain. I did what I could and felt the improvement. I appreciated her method 'if it hurts, stop doing it,' but 'if it feels good, keep doing it'. So, with a few exercises, the pain improved and during each session with Beverly we focused on what was working and what pain lingered. Today, I feel like myself again with no severe pain. Beverly has given me some tools to manage and strengthen myself with yoga. With a life of scoliosis I will never be "normal" or free of complete pain, but to be "my normal" again and active is wonderful! Thanks, Beverly!"

- Teresa





"I am in awe of Beverly's compassion and knowledge in so many areas concerning the human body. Her expertise in reflexology has been helpful in lowering my glaucoma readings. I wanted to crawl into a yoga class this week because my back was hurting so badly. Beverly did a gentle yoga class and I was perfectly fine afterwards. No pain!!!! Last year her Foundation Therapy practice helped me tremendously when my back was in trauma. Her staff is amazing!!!!"

- Wendy S. 





"Bev's Yoga for Back Care class is rejuvenating, informative and fun. I have been taking her class for over one year. As a result, my posture feels more aligned, I have fewer aches and pains and more strength, stamina and mobility in my day-to-day activities. She is excellent at identifying imbalances and restrictions in movement and helping students learn poses and modifications to work through their limitations and improve range of motion. She keeps classes challenging and interesting for all levels. I always leave feeling refreshed!"

- Kim R. 





"It is difficult to express the overwhelming gratitude I feel towards everyone at Foundation Therapy Center and what they have done for me. After an auto accident with an 18-wheeler and after previous therapy and injections to no avail, I despairingly came to Foundation Therapy for help. Therapy has taught me so much about better health. Foundation Therapy has saved me by putting me on track for what I can now view as a positive manageable future. There could be no quick fix for me via drugs or surgery. So, this past year I became a student, soaking up everything Foundation Therapy Center could teach me, empowered to get rid of the pain and improve my condition. I have tremendous respect for Jay, my therapist and perfect teacher. He prepared me to be on my own, after therapy ended. I attend "Therapeutic Chair Yoga" and absolutely cherish Bev Stegman. She is inspiring! I love how she makes each class a little different and is always sensitive to each student's issues. As a scoliosis patient I am thrilled to be attending the Yoga for Spine Health class. It's so beneficial. Again, my heartfelt appreciation to everyone at Foundation Therapy Center."

- Susan W.





"So let me tell you about my yoga teacher, Bev Stegman, and her Yoga Back Care class. An injury to my chronically unhappy back sent me scrambling for relief. I was in pain and wondered if I would ever be able to do the active things I love again. Perusing the class schedule at the wonderful yoga center I attend, I learned of Bev and the new class she would begin teaching that week. Bev's experience is in yoga, physical therapy, and reflexology, and her class sounded perfect. The class I needed at the time I needed it, what a serendipitous event!Athletes describe themselves as being 'all in' when discussing their connection to the team and the upcoming game - that description is a perfect fit for Bev. Her knowledge base is amazing, but it's more than knowledge that makes her 'all in'. She is genuine in practicing what she preaches, using yoga daily to deal with her own back issues. In creative and sometimes small ways, yoga becomes a natural part of much of her day bringing relief to back and posture issues. Suggestions for using these easily imitated techniques are sprinkled throughout each class. I would be remiss if I failed to mention Bev's welcoming and playful teaching style. Students are engaged and classes are fun. Always energetic, upbeat, and positive, she wants to help. Bev is available during and after class with suggestions. She welcomes questions by email between classes. Students are certain to find themselves joining with Bev and coming to think of their situations in a hopeful way.I have gotten much benefit from participating in class and using Bev's suggestions in my daily practice. I have resumed participation in all my former activities and am pleased I can participate fully. The positive consequence of class is made especially notable by the negative consequence of missing a class or two - do that, and the old issues begin to reassert themselves, so it's important to make as many classes as possible. Do I sound 'all in'? I hope so. That's the message I want to convey."

- Ben T.





"I have been involved with yoga for over 40 years. During that time I have taken many different types of classes and have experienced many different teaching styles. No teacher or style has been like what I have experienced with Bev (Bev Stegman, BS, MAud, CR, RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher and Administrator, Foundation Therapy Center). The spine and back class she teaches works wonders, strengthening and toning muscles and connective tissue so that you feel and see the results in your flexibility very quickly. Bev's "Best Three" is what I call the 3 poses she has you focus on every day to gain that flexibility ... I can manage 3 poses a day! A great class with a great teacher ... she's a keeper. Namaste!"

- Charon Shenberger, VP- Sales and Marketing – Apple Logisitcs





"I remember when I first met Beverly Stegman and attended my first yoga class months ago. She is a warm and caring person and wants to get to know what you are feeling and thinking, as cancer has turned my world upside down. Bev is so very devoted to her clients in every way, as she gets to know you better and is able to assist and comfort me through my future journey. Bev spends the time talking with you and has a personal touch in the yoga exercises that heals me the most. If it was not for Bev and her yoga techniques, I would not feel about myself the way I do today. Her classes are very informative, motivating, and she listens well and tells me what I need to know to move my life forward with feeling better and improving my body, mind, and soul no matter what type of cancer you have. These classes are a definite benefit to all cancer survivors and those patients in treatment. Bev never ever lets you give up!"

- Jo Ann





"What an inspiring, educational, comforting, relaxing, emotional, peace of mind (and a body boost) I have received as a client at Foundation Therapy Center. Beverly, you are one of a kind, always so awe inspiring to everything you present, including the heartfelt feelings I've received over the past 3 1/2 years. Although I have ongoing appointments with several doctors, I am placing my present recovery to all I've received from getting to know you and Foundation Therapy. The first day I entered the door at FTC, I had a feeling of comfort, with the hopes that I was at the right place, and at the right time. What I've experienced over this time cannot be put into words, as there just aren't enough words in the English language to express the depths of my feelings. I'm on my knees continuously thanking FTC and especially you for all you've given to me ( and to Stan). Our lives have been deeply enriched and we thank you from the depths of our beings.My Classes/Treatment: Rehabilitation, Reflexology, Yoga (WOW), Better Breathers Club, and YOU! What is Next?"


Yoga Atlanta with Instructor Bev Stegman at Foundation Therapy Center
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